Leadership in Sales & Management

Online Course

Course Objectives

  • Increase your influence, advance your career, and increase your income with leadership skills that work in any environment
  • Everyone (salespeople and managers alike) can be a leader.  Why not choose to lead?
  • Leaders are encouraged to first "manage themselves" to greater results, set personal goals and then see them through as examples for others to follow.
  • Students are encouraged to praise often, inspect often and offer help when needed (serve others).
  • Leaders are encouraged to promote the success of others, promote teamwork and employee satisfaction.
  • Leaders learn how to hire, monitor, correct and terminate when necessary for the health of the team.
College of Automotive Management certificates are earned from verified skill development and 100% test scores.


  • 42 lessons

Reviews & Results

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"I rate this course Leadership in Sales & Management as Excellent Training Content. I would highly recommend to others. This training has given me so much knowledge about being a leader, manager and coach. I have learned how to evaluate, train, coach and motivate a sells team. I've learned how to hire good sales people and when to fire low performers. I've learned how to set standards of performance and how to discipline those that are under performers. I really feel confident that when the opportunity to manage comes up I can hit the ground running."

Vincent Tolbert, Internet Sales Manager

"I am an Owner/Operator. Excellent Leadership in Sales and Management. I have been in sales and management in some form or fashion for over 20 years. This has been the most beneficial course I have ever taken. It was an excellent use of the time I invested as well as the money. If you apply this material in the manner suggested and with a true desire to help your customer, you will succeed. Excellent course!"

Joe Moss, Owner

"Currently I work as a sales consultant at First Kia at Simi Valley. I rate this course (Leadership in Sales & Management) very high (Excellent) What I have learned is to be a different salesman and now I can be a great leader; this course gave me all the tools to deal with any situation. And trained me to deal with the Customers, to love them and make them a friend, and for the sales team, how to train them, how to set the standard for sales people, how to hire and fire. And manage and coach and use their talent. And work like a team and not to be a selfish Leader. I can see my improvement already. I am a top producer and had the highest gross profit this month. I was first place in June and again in August. (Leading the board!) I am closing more deals, and have a better closing ratio, holding more gross, have a very good CSI, and keeping my customer happy. I feel great. I've been selling cars for 14 years, but never felt this way before."

Sid Khan, Professional Salesperson

Call (888) 857-4411 to receive a copy of all 228 graduate reviews.

More information

Employees learn professional methods to hire, evaluate, train, coach, motivate and manage others. Veteran leaders consider Servant Leadership training to be a great use of their time and investment. Salespeople Learn that Everyone is in a Position to Lead by Serving Others Well! Employees learn how to communicate well with co-workers and supervisors and be thankful to Employers that invest in them!