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Coaching & Instruction
The College can facilitate online or live classroom training.

All of the courses and prices listed on this website are for online training and online students.

Dealers or Administrators seeking classroom training call (888) 857-4411

The 8 online courses offered by the College represent approximately 240 hours (6 weeks) of full time training (8 hrs a day, 5 days a week) when delivered in a classroom environment.

After training over 10,000 students in classrooms, and delivering over 4,000 online courses - the results are in:

Online Students Have Higher Test Scores and Retention of Information - students that can rewind and rewatch any procedure or presentation as often as necessary are more likely to achieve mastery.
Online Students Attend Training While Working Full Time - no loss of income which is a training cost - and new skills are implemented daily as they are learned on the job increasing income while training.
Online Students Train at Their Own Pace and Develop Real Skills - quality of education skyrockets when students can train at their own pace vs. stick to a classroom schedule, and watch real life role plays without limit.

- Online Students (Experienced and New to the Industry) Rate the Online Training Excellent and Would Recommend to a Friend.
- Online Students Benefit from a Live Personal Coach and Live Instruction as Needed.
- Online Students Save Money and Receive a Higher Quality Education at the College of Automotive Management.

The College sources content from experts. The College believes that the best in their class should be teaching current practices to College of Automotive Management students. To view the list of industry experts that are arguably some of the best in their field of expertise and have provided their knowledge and content to our students, click here.

“Hello Sarah. Thank you so much for your encouraging words! Everything I have learning with CAM has been so enlightening! Your emails and texts were very motivating and always so helpful!”

Gloria P.

“Katie, bless your heart! What a surprise after drilling through my emails to find your message. Thank you for the personalized message of encouragement. I've already started my lessons and find them quite interesting.”

Aimbrell S.

“Hi Sarah, Thanks for the support. Liked the video, it’s great to have personal one on one coaches to help out and support us. It is indeed very encouraging. Thanks so much for your help. Will stay committed to this course. Looks like a once in a lifetime opportunity. :D”

Efren M.

“Brandi, thank you for taking the time to make this welcome video. I didn't realize how much the school cared about its students. I've done all kinds of training and normally once you pay you only hear from them if your payment doesn't go through. “

Terry B.

“Good afternoon, Katie!! Thank you so much for your personalized email! I was expecting some cookie cutter email, but it's obvious that you took the time to personally email me. This has made my day and I hope you have a splendid week!”

Minji P.

“Thank you Katie for the encouragement and excitement in my progress and I totally appreciate you being there ALWAYS!!”

Bruce M.

“Sarah, I appreciate your kind words and your encouragement throughout the course. You've been wonderful coach and mentor and have been there for me every step of the way. Thank you very much for your time and commitment.”

Dave W.

“Sarah, thank you for your inspirations. Reading your email brought so much joy to my day and I am truly honored to have you coaching me on my new journey in life. I am learning so much great information and I am taking everything I learned to heart. I already see a huge difference in the person I was when I walked into this place. I absolutely love what I do! Thank you for all that you do Sarah I really appreciate it!”

Olina L.

“Hi Katie thank you again for the support. I just want to let you know you have been a great friend and an excellent coach. I highly appreciate everything the school does and the awesome coach that I have.”

Harold B.

“Sarah... thanks you so much for all your kind words... You seem so passionate about your work, and that is truly beautiful. It is always nice to hear from you. Yea I am really digging this course. I just want to take a moment to thank you for being who you are as well. You really are awesome and great at your job. Well I got to get to work but you have a great day :) And Sarah!!!Just sold and delivered my 40th unit this month!!! Ohh yea!!!! Talk to you later.”

Nick D.

“Katie, just wanted to say THANK YOU! After each assignment, I look forward to your responses. Thank you for your positivity and helping me through my shortcomings. I won't disappoint you!!!”

Kyle W.

“Brandi, I am also very grateful that you are here with me along to way... it’s good to have someone I can talk to that understands what I am going through and is there to cheer me on and help to lead me. Thank you for encouraging me, I look forward to seeing where we go from here =) I hope you have a very blessed day!!!”

Nicki W.

“Hi Sarah. Thank you for your concern and reaching out to me. To be honest, I think I could use a little motivation.”

Nateesha D.

“Thank you, Katie, for your assistance through the program. You all are a great team with a positive attitude. That says a lot about your company.” 

John D.

“I intended to lead with love. I received an email this morning from my coach, Katie Armstrong. Katie brought to my attention my motives and offered an alternative, love. I'm aware that this has been a constant throughout this training but it didn't click until Katie was commenting on the question I answered but my motives. I intended to lead with love and who can't get behind that?”

Ian M.

Certificates / Diplomas

Certificates are awarded after completion of each course. Courses must be completed with 100% test scores. Online courses allow for content to be reviewed as often as necessary until mastery of the content and skills are achieved.

Diploma’s are offered to individuals that complete multiple courses focused on a career category: Sales Management or F&I Management, or both.

Most students can complete all 8 courses of the CAM ACT program in 10-15 weeks by training 8-10 hours a week while working full time. Students then spend the rest of the year implementing what they have learned and re-watching content as needed to continually advance their career and income.

Students that successfully complete all courses in a diploma category AND apply their new skills at a dealership to increase their production (measurable results) are awarded Master Level Certification on their diploma.

Salespeople can achieve Master Level Diplomas by increasing their PVR $200/unit or more, or by increasing their unit volume by 4 units per month or more over a prior 90 day baseline average, or by bringing in 6 new referrals from their own efforts during a 90 day period. A triple Masters designation is awarded for achieving all three goals.

Sales Managers and F&I Managers can achieve Master Level Diplomas by increasing their PVR $200 or more per unit over their 90 day baseline average.


CAM’s private job boards for its alumni are filled with F&I, Sales Manager, Special Finance, and Internet Director positions at dealerships throughout the country - in addition to other high paying positions with F&I product and training companies, and lending positions. To discuss placement services with a College representative call (888) 857-4411.

Often times "who you know" is as, or more, important than what you know.

College of Automotive Management graduates are often welcomed into a vast network of alumni (CAM graduates that have went on to become hiring managers and leaders in the automotive industry), referral partners who know about job openings not yet advertised (friends of the College like MorningStar Automotive and other agencies who do business with thousands of auto dealers throughout the country), and employers that have successfully hired a CAM graduate in the past. There is no larger network for career placement and support.

Individuals that desire placement assistance and the college's recommendation to potential employers need to accomplish two things:

  1. Pay for their own training
  2. Complete all courses in a diploma category (all sales management courses, or all F&I management courses, along with a compliance course)
Individuals with no prior automotive sales or management experience that want to be recommended by the College for management positions at dealerships need to complete both career categories and the compliance course (all 8 courses).


  1. Employers prefer candidates with successful track records for quality management positions.
  2. The industry is lacking qualified, skilled candidates for those positions so dealers are promoting from within individuals that show responsibility and produce results.
  3. By developing the sales skills, telephone skills, negotiating skills, relationship building skills and other career tools at the College (in addition to all F&I skills), CAM graduates are often able to articulate their understanding and knowledge in a manner that satisfies the “experience required” mindset of employers and get their first break into management - especially with employers that have successfully hired a CAM graduate with no experience for a management position in the past.
  4. In other cases, the employer is impressed with a candidate's understanding and commitment to their career in the car business and makes a firm commitment to promote from within upon successful entry into the company's sales culture.
  5. In these cases, CAM graduates are often top producers, having the most fun, and making things look easy due to their training (perfect management candidates!).
  6. By completing all 8 courses (all sales and sales management courses, all F&I courses, and compliance certification) a CAM graduate prepares for ALL positions in the sales, leasing, internet, special finance, desk and F&I departments, and increases their personal income in any capacity (which is what we all need right? A raise - sooner rather than later!).
  7. Often F&I managers go on to become General Sales Managers, then General Managers. This career path usually includes experience in both the sales department and F&I department, or at least proper training in both.
  8. Many of our students have been automotive salespeople that report immediate increases in their income when they take the sales and desking courses along with their F&I management courses. They report that they increase their income in their current sales capacity while training for F&I. In some cases, these students change their career path and become Sales/Desk Managers instead of F&I managers - and have that option due to their training at the College.
Taking all 8 courses has proven to achieve all of these career and income objectives for our graduates.

Career and placement assistance includes:
  • Resume templates featuring the newly developed skills learned at the College
  • Recommendation of the student by the College to potential employers
  • Referrals to College Affiliates and Friends in the industry including recruitment and placement agencies, Agencies doing business with Auto Dealers looking for good candidates to fill empty positions (such as MorningStar Automotive), and hundreds of dealers that have successfully hired one or more of the thousands of College of Automotive Graduates in the past
  • Referrals to online job boards and resume posting services reflecting current opportunities in the industry
  • Interview role play - including how to overcome common objections to first time management applicants


Yes, discounts are offered for purchasing multiple courses. If you don’t see a combination of courses you are interested in, call the college for a custom quote and discount. (888) 857-4411

The College offers students and alumni of The College a 10% referral commission of the tuition amount paid by the referred. (This is our form of Thank You via a pre-paid VISA CARD)

Military Discount: Active duty and veterans receive a ten percent discount and can be combined with other discounts. Thank you for serving our great nation and keeping it safe. We love you and your families and want to serve you back.


Yes. Minimum payments on finance plans for bundled $2495 courses are $200/mo. There is no credit check. There is no interest rate. There is a 10% discount applied to any F&I Manager career training bundle or Sales Manager career training bundle purchase if paid in full with a credit card (save $249.50 or $499 if enrolling in both career course bundles). Use SAVE10 coupon code to receive the 10% savings when checking out online. In addition to saving hundreds of dollars, students will typically get points or miles, and have a lower monthly payment when financing their tuition with their own credit card company. Students are also able to receive their framed diploma for career course bundles as soon as they finish the training by paying up front. If on a payment plan, then all payments need to be made first in addition to completing the course before framed diplomas can be shipped and career placement assistance can be offered. If payments work best for you, GREAT! Call (888) 857-4411 to make the arrangements.

100% Money-Back Guarantee

Yes. We offer a 100% money-back guarantee -- you will be happy with the content of the training. Over 96% of the thousands of online students are happy and would recommend every course of training offered by the College. But we understand it may not be for everyone. If in the first 30 days of training you are not happy with the content of the training in a particular course, we offer a full refund of amounts paid for that course tuition. If its a course in a bundled package, the refund will be applied on a percentage basis according to the discounted value of the course included in the bundle. You can only win - and there is NO RISK to do business with the College. Go ahead and enroll in a course now to get started increasing your income and advancing your career.

Course Ratings

Every student provides their opinion of every course. The rating scale is as follows:

  • Excellent - Would highly recommend to others
  • Good - Would recommend to others
  • Fair
  • Poor
  • Unacceptable

The overwhelming majority rate all courses Excellent, and would highly recommend to others. When the College publishes a percentage such as "98.6% would recommend this course to others," it means that 98.6% of all students that have taken this course, have rated the course Excellent or Good. Even though some students give a course a "fair" rating, their comments are often very positive, but we do not include that rating in the percentage total. To see all of the student reviews and ratings for any course, call (888) 857-4411.