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Professional Salespersons David P. Macias and Carlo Pacino are the first members of the sales team to complete the first round of training, assignments, and testing until they achieved 100% test scores in the new Automotive Career Training (ACT) program for dealers. By doing so, David and Carlo each earned 8 professional certifications in the disciplines of Legal Compliance, Professional Sales, Desking and Negotiations, F&I Product Sales and Administration, Special Finance, Leasing and Leadership from the College of Automotive Management.

What’s more impressive however are the “measurable results” they have achieved during the last six months since starting online Automotive Career Training (ACT) with the rest of their coworkers while continuing to work full time. Together, David and Carlo have added more than $150,000 of additional profits to the dealership above and beyond their established 90 day baseline production averages that were established prior to starting the training program. They are on pace to achieve over $300,000 of added profits this year (above their previous preCollege of Automotive Management production levels). Even though they have taken all their courses and passed their tests, they are still working to implement what they have learned to achieve the dealer’s objectives.

“I don’t think it is any coincidence that the two employees that have trained the most are making the biggest increases in production. The entire team at the dealership is making great strides in personal development and increasing their numbers. David and Carlo standout however as they are simply investing more time in the training and as a result are developing faster and acquiring more knowledge and skills faster than their peers. The training achievements and production achievements are all measurable and we are working with management to track everything daily”, reports Eric Andersen, President of the College of Automotive Management.

Seven months ago, with the concurrence of his management team and support from Executive Vice President George Saad, General Manager Mike Aziz decided to enroll the entire sales and management staff of Capistrano Ford in Automotive Career Training (ACT). Automotive Career Training (ACT) is a unique brand of skills training that is built upon the timeless principle of ‘loving other people unconditionally” and how to apply that principle to every phase of the sales, desking and F&I process at a dealership. The natural result is better sales processes, stronger personal relationships between customers and dealership staff, transparency in negotiations, a culture where ethics is elevated and that is legally compliant, higher closing ratios on existing traffic as customers find less reasons to shop, and higher profits per sale as customers are willing to pay more to be treated with love.

“The dealership has little natural walk in traffic due to our location. We began by focusing on our phone leads and seeking ways to increase the number of appointments we were setting. The solutions that would help us with our phone leads carried right on over to the rest of the sales process so we kept training and implementing what made sense. Our profits per sale increased. Our closing ratios on existing traffic increased. The number of referrals our salespeople are receiving is increasing. Our star rating on google pages is increasing. The number of customers our salespeople are willingly adding to the CRM for future intended follow up is increasing. The employees rate the training good and excellent (usually excellent!) and actually thank the Tuttle Click organization for providing this brand of career training. We have several initiatives left to achieve, but we are on the right track and everyone is on the same page as we continue to move forward”, reported Mike Aziz, General Manager of Tuttle Click Capistrano Ford.

“To measure the return on investment (ROI) we planned on making with the College we established a 90-day unit average and a 90-day gross profit per unit average for every sales department employee which set a baseline for every individual to work from. Sales Managers agreed to lead their teams in the training by training with them. Employees were encouraged to learn new skills in order to compete against their prior selves and improve their own performance. David Macias had a 28 car month just prior to starting the training and the highest 90 day baseline average of the team. Therefore, he had the highest hurdle to overcome. Despite the challenge of having the highest baseline average to work from, David has posted more than his fair share of the profit increases. Carlo achieved top salesperson and maintained that position 3 months in a row (showed great consistency) during the first six months of the program and has added more than $90,000 of additional profits to the team’s results. After our first six months with the College our profits are up significantly (the ROI with the College is higher than 27/1)” continued Mr. Aziz.

The new Automotive Career Training (ACT) program offered to dealerships requires all employees to train together online (management with salespeople) and helps galvanize a positive culture based on love, respect, ethics and compliance throughout the dealership after the management team agrees they are willing to allow the staff at the College to help them achieve storewide objectives that are in line with the objectives of the owner and general manager.

Objectives that the College can help a dealership achieve include: a culture of love and respect towards each other and towards customers, 100% documented and verified CSI before every customer leaves the dealership, full compliance with state and federal laws, target conversion rates for incoming phone or email leads, target reputation star ratings on third party review sites like Yelp or Google pages, increased profit per unit averages in the sales department or F&I department, and increased total unit sales or F&I product penetration objectives. Employee retention and the ability to attract top talent with the resources provided by the College are also natural results of letting the College work for the dealership to achieve these objectives.

Weekly or monthly accountability meetings are scheduled with a representative from the College to continually track progress towards the agreed upon objectives and every employee is provided with their own personal business coach to help set daily goals, establish positive daily routines, and provide encouragement towards the agreed upon objectives as needed.

Employees are also encouraged to achieve individual Master Level certifications by tracking their own numbers and significantly improving their own performance in the measurable areas of unit sales, profit per unit sold by providing a higher level of service to customers (earn a bigger tip!) and selling accessories with each vehicle, acquiring new referrals, selling F&I products, and achieving 100% CSI scores with all customers.

“David and Carlo are winners. They are leading their teams and have both achieved Triple Masters designations by achieving and then maintaining 3 measurable increases in production including unit sales, profits, and referrals. 60% of David’s business is now referral or repeat customers. Carlo is averaging more than 2 referrals a month now and more of his customers are going online and posting positive reviews about their experience at the dealership and naming Carlo as their friend in the car business. That’s going to be great for Carlo’s business plan to build his own business within the dealership’s business. The results from the other team members are similar and they are all making great strides in their careers. I’m especially proud of David and Carlo for their achievements and demonstrated leadership.” says Andersen

David and Carlo are excited about what they’ve learned through CAM ACT.

“The training course is excellent. This course has helped me find creative ways to create relationships in a different manner then we are all taught in the car business. I feel that this will help me in everyday life with customers and people that I meet.” commented David.

Carlo added “The training is Excellent. I implemented a ‘love your customer’ strategy even if they are unpleasant at first to win them over. All customers are potential clients of yours, even if they are not buying a car that day. Just get some contact info and follow up to see if you can make a car deal. Every day you should have a goal to try and make new friends and stay in contact.”

About The College of Automotive Management: Since 1992, The College of Automotive Management has trained 1000’s of automotive professionals who are now the leaders and influencers of the automotive industry. The College provides the industry’s foremost automotive career training solutions for all sales, F&I, desk, and sales management positions including special finance, internet, desking and loan underwriting training. For more information about the College, visit us online at


Education is great. Results are even better! Moe Elfaqir decided to take his career into his own hands and attended the College of Automotive Management’s new online career program at the suggestion of his manager and mentor, Magic Faouri, also a graduate of the College of Automotive Management.

More importantly than just learning new information, Moe implemented what he learned! The College’s new online program includes “objective based” learning tracks that are awarded for performance – not just 100% test scores. Students create a 90-day baseline average of their monthly unit sales, gross profit per unit, F&I income per unit, or their team’s production in these categories if they are in a team-leadership position. Then the training and monitoring begins.

As students learn new skills that are legally compliant focused on long-term customer relationships and then implement what they learn to get a better result, they can be awarded with Master Level certifications. To achieve Master Level certifications, students must achieve significant increases in their production based on benchmarks set up within the training, sustain that increase for multiple months, and all measurable increases in production must be confirmed in writing by the owner/general manager of the dealership.

By focusing on loving the customer as the primary objective, customer satisfaction, and developing personal relationships with the customers Moe was able to take the new skills he learned and not only achieve Masters certification, but achieved a “Triple Masters” by being quickly promoted twice over the course of a year and excelling in each position as he implemented what he learned.

“I started in sales and quickly increased my sales numbers by focusing on loving my customers and trying to be a better friend to my customers instead of focused on trying to sell them something for a commission. While in sales I studied hard and learned the F&I laws, presentations and disclosures and practiced them until I was qualified to “fill in” for F&I during busy times. I excelled in that job function and was quickly promoted to F&I where I continually increased my production through transparent and honest presentations to my customers by focusing on their needs and being fair in our prices. I was then promoted to sales manager where I lead a team of 5 salespeople. By sharing what I have learned with them and implementing what I learned from the leadership and desking courses I have been able to increase my team’s production consistently. The College of Automotive Management has put me on a new and better career path. I am 24 years old and very excited about my future in the car industry.”

Moe’s success at becoming his customers’ friend, being honest, and winning them over is evident from the great reviews he regularly receives. For instance, Kody from Calimesa wrote “Great customer service as soon as I walked into dealer and had a salesman greet me. Walked out with a great looking Scion with factory warranty with the help of Moe (sales manager of SoCal Motors). He gave me a great price and car. Ask for Moe, very good service and salesman”. Another delighted customer, Joel from Montclair, added his words: “Man where do I start. I have nothing but good things to say about this place. The salesman Moe is the best – he’s really cool and friendly. I bought 2 cars from here already and both turned out great and at the best price.” Then there’s Diane from Laguna Niguel: “I don’t like my car I LOVE IT! It’s only been mine for a few months, but it’s been a great car. Never have I found a car online and then knew it was the right car for me. I live in Laguna Niguel, so it’s not like SC Autohaus is down the street, but it was the best decision I ever made. Moe is the sweetest most kind man ever! I love him! He never pressured me except when I told him I didn’t even need to test drive the car, I trusted him completely. After test driving it, a BMW X5, I knew positively I wanted it. He gave me a 1000 mile warranty, so I felt even better should anything come up. I’ve had the car completely checked out by my mechanic and he said it was super clean! Even doing the paperwork was easy, because Moe is so professional and really does treat you like family. I would never consider going anywhere else, but would go there first! Moe will not bring a car to his lot that isn’t quality. He checks them all out and CARFAX’s each one. Always has a great selection too, whether it’s BMW or Mercedes, even has SUV’s and jeeps. I would highly recommend them to my family and friends, hands down best car buying experience I’ve ever had! You haven’t seen the last of me yet, oh and I love you Moe!”

Without a doubt, Moe has learned that if you choose to truly love the customer the customer can’t help but love you back!

Moe’s journey has just begun. He has the benefit of being in a dealership that supports his efforts to learn all he can about the business and provide an environment committed to legal compliance, happy customers, and customer relationships for life so he can flourish and continue to grow in knowledge and skill.

In addition to his studies at the College of Automotive Management, Moe is attending the University of Redlands and is scheduled to graduate with his bachelor’s degree next year.

About The College of Automotive Management: Since 1992, The College of Automotive Management has trained 1000’s of automotive professionals who are now the leaders and influencers of the automotive industry. The College provides the industry’s foremost automotive career training solutions for all sales, F&I, desk, and sales management positions including special finance, internet, desking and loan underwriting training. For more information about the College, visit us online at


To help new car dealerships throughout the U.S. and Canada be more profitable, Westland Associates Inc. has named the College of Automotive Management as their exclusive automotive career training and education partner.

“Every dealership wants to achieve a 100% absorption rate in the back of the dealership to be more profitable and sustainable during tough times. Achieving that loyal, repeat business goal is problematic for most dealers due to high turnover in the front of the house. A quality education delivered professionally to all employees (salespeople and managers alike) with an emphasis on servant leadership, doing what is right at all times, and the benefits of deciding to love other people is the key to permanent customer relationships and changes everything. I’ve seen the results for myself,” says Tom Leatherby, President & CEO of Westland Associates, Inc.

“Our dealers continually express their concerns to our executive staff regarding attracting and retaining top talent. Therefore, we made the decision to add Automotive Career Training (ACT), provided by the College of Automotive Management to our other money-saving programs for our dealers and create an opportunity for our members to address the real problem at its root. Through this education and training initiative, Westland member employees will be able to access a superior quality education and have the ongoing training and coaching support they need to be successful. This program will equip dealers to not only address a critical area for newly hired employees it will also provide all front end employees including the managers and department heads an opportunity to stay focused on the dealer’s objectives and work together to raise the bar for the organization as a whole,” continued Leatherby.

“Tom Leatherby, and the entire Westland Associates, Inc. organization is the epitome of good character and the type of organization any company would be proud to be associated with or do business with,” says Lloyd Andersen, Chairman and CEO of the Lloyd Andersen Group of Companies, Inc., parent company of the College of Automotive Management. “We respect Tom and his team for their strong commitment to values and ethics and we couldn’t be happier to be selected as Westland’s exclusive training partner in the retail automotive space. We look forward to serving Westland dealers with our very best.”

The College of Automotive management provides a unique brand of automotive career education referred to as the (ACT) program that helps employees take a career view of their job. By teaching all employees on various aspects of the sales, desking and F&I process at the dealership employees learn how what they say and what they do affects other employees and the overall buying experience for a customer. The (ACT) program provided by the College of Automotive Management also teaches employees in all departments to work as a team to monitor and positively control customer satisfaction throughout each step of the buying process.

“Key employee retention, repeat customers, and customer loyalty are just a few of the objectives the College of Automotive Management has been focused on helping dealers achieve for more than 20 years. Training provided by the College includes best in class processes, scripts and procedures to help dealership employees embrace these objectives as their own. We are seeing impressive and measurable results in all three areas with our new online solutions when accompanied with our unique brand of personnel coaching. The natural result is higher CSI scores, more customers willing to fill out and submit those 100% satisfied score cards, higher online reputation ratings (more 5 star ratings more often), and stronger relationships between the dealership staff and the surrounding community,” reports Eric Andersen, President of the College of Automotive Management.

More information about Westland Associates, Inc.

Westland Associates currently does business with over 8,000 dealers Nationwide (1/3 of the retail automotive industry). Westland has leveraged the buying power and influence of new car dealerships, businesses, churches, and non-profit organizations to become one of the largest and longest running Group Purchasing Organizations working with the automotive industry in the United States. Since 1957, the company has been providing new car dealers with financial savings on business products, supplies and services. Average reported savings per dealership amount to over $200,000 annually.


DiamondLot has chosen the College of Automotive Management as their exclusive training partner for their automotive dealer clients. The two companies are working together to bring DiamondLot dealers a stronger culture of compliance, ethics and higher profits.

“Rick Wolverton and his team share our passion to provide automotive salespeople and managers with the tools they need to thrive in the car business. We agree that the most powerful tools automotive professionals can use to improve their sales while accomplishing the dealer’s objectives of 100% CSI and higher profits is the principle of unconditional love and the knowledge of how to apply that commitment to the entire sales, desking and F&I process”, reports Lloyd Andersen, CEO of the College of Automotive Management, and Chairman of the Lloyd Andersen Group of Companies, Inc., parent company of the College.

“We have seen the results of the training provided by the College. Employees are happy to participate, consistently make more money, and are thanking their employers for providing this unique form of automotive sales and management education. The leads we provide to our dealers, and the leads they obtain from all other vendors become much more valuable when combined with training provided by the College. After more than 40 years in the car business we’ve never seen anything like it and the car business is ready for the positive change this program brings to a dealership.” says Rick Wolverton of DiamondLot.

“We are proud to be associated with Rick and the DiamondLot Team. They are good people that really care about the employees in their dealership client accounts. This business is all about the people in it”, says Andersen.

The College of Automotive Management’s online training program, Automotive Career Training (ACT), is the automotive industry’s first and only web-based interactive training tool that provides each employee with a personal business coach to help them set and achieve personal career goals at the dealership and a personal skills trainer to provide one-on-one live skills training as needed. In addition to timeless principles and values, the College provides dealership employees with dozens of examples of best practices and skills training for handling email leads, phone calls, and common customer objections. Skills training provided by the College also includes solutions for faster desking methods that produce higher profits and proprietary F&I sales processes that are helping dealers sell more F&I products with full disclosures and 100% verified CSI before delivery. In addition, the training includes leasing, special finance, leadership, and compliance/ethics.

“DiamondLot dealerships are obviously serious about their online presence. Those dealers want the additional profits that come with a 5-star reputation delivered by 5-star employees. We are glad that Rick and his team recognize that the leads provided by DiamondLot to their dealers will convert at higher percentages for more profit with our lead management training and coaching support. We are committed to helping their dealers achieve an even greater ROI on every ad dollar they spend.” adds Eric Andersen, President of the College of Automotive Management.

More information about DiamondLot

DiamondLot is a premier lot service and inventory management solution – servicing car dealerships in more than 20 states. DiamondLot takes high quality photos of new and used car inventory, provides creative custom backdrops, window stickers, buyers guides, and full-motion walk around videos. DiamondLot was the first lot service company to promote cars using full motion video on Google, YouTube, AutoTrader, and other websites to help dealers generate more leads from their inventory online. Website:


Aloha Automotive Group has selected the World’s Premier Automotive Sales, Management and Lending School, The College of Automotive Management, as its exclusive training partner. The two are collaborating to provide a training platform to support a culture of ethics, compliance, and sales excellence at all 7 of the Aloha KIA Automotive Group locations.

Bill and Niki van den Hurk, owners of Aloha Automotive Group, were named 2011 Hawaii State Dealers of The Year, and Bill was nominated by his peers as the State’s representative for the Time Magazine Quality Dealer of the Year award. Bill has also been selected as this year’s new incoming President of the Hawaii Auto Dealer Association (HADA).

“Aloha Automotive Group is committed to ensuring ALL employees interfacing with customers and their managers are trained, tested, and willing to operate in a manner that is consistent with the values of the owners, Bill & Niki van den Hurk.” says Bill Hanyak, President of The Lloyd Andersen Group of Companies, parent company of The College of Automotive Management. “We are not just tracking every employee’s training time, progress, and test results – the learning management system is fully interactive, and employees are given opportunities to share their opinions, which reveal their attitudes, regarding the company’s policies and the curriculum content being provided by The College and the dealership. This is powerful new data being provided daily for the owner and management’s consideration.”

The College of Automotive Management’s online training program, Automotive Career Training (ACT), is the automotive industry’s first and only web-based interactive training tool that provides each employee with a personal business coach to help them set and achieve personal career goals at the dealership and a personal skills trainer to provide one on one live skills training as needed.

“I have to admit we were a little skeptical in the beginning. The College made some pretty bold claims. Their promises to create happier employees that have less stress at work while achieving higher profits and 100% happy customers 100% of the time sounded too good to be true. But the results speak for themselves. What mattered most to me was what my employees thought of the program, and then the program’s effect on our bottom line. After seeing that every employee, without exception, agreed with the content and was happy to be participating in the training and after watching our profits in the first store increase by several hundred percent more than we invested in the training in just the first 30 days I was sold. At that point the decision was simple, provide CAM-ACT to everyone as soon as possible.” stated Bill van den Hurk, Owner of Aloha Auto Group.

“We needed a solution to standardize our Sales, Desking and F&I process at each location and create a team atmosphere where everyone has the same objective of 100% happy customers, in order to continually increase profits per sale, closing ratios and repeat business. We also wanted a training platform where we could customize and use to train, test and support ALL employees on the values, policies and best practices of our organization, while taking advantage of The College’s world class training, coaching, and career development programs. The College is helping us build our own customized Aloha Automotive Group training center online and accomplishing all of our training objectives. The ACT program and its emphasis on ethics are also helping us attract, develop and retain top talent with good character at our organization.” said Russ Wong, Aloha Automotive Group COO.

“CAM – ACT is carefully designed to actually “reduce” the workload of management, while allowing managers the ability to easily add or delete any content as they see fit according to their own culture and preferences. This helps dealer principals rally their management team leaders behind the educational initiatives and gain their full support.” says Eric Andersen, President of the College of Automotive Management.

“We are quite pleased with our relationship with the College of Automotive Management. In the first two months since implementing ACT, our auto sales and gross profits have increased immensely!!! We are total believers in the College’s relationship selling training, and our employees are very happy to be working in an environment that is 100% committed to ethics and integrity in all our customer transactions. We will continue to attract and retain the top talent on the Islands to work for our Company.” says Alan Uyeoka, General Manager of Aloha Kia Nimitz and Aloha Kia Leeward.

“After the first six hours of online training, I commented that I plan on making 5 times what I normally make now, which is over $100,000 per year (approximately $12-$15,000 per month). Then, in my first two months after starting the training, I’ve already earned more than $55,000 in sales commissions. Needless to say, I am very grateful to my employer for providing me with such a valuable, life-changing resource.” reported Lorenzo France, the top-producing salesperson of the dealer group.