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Graduates Without Previous Industry Experience Who Obtained a Management Career After Training at The College 

In accordance with the FTC guidelines concerning use of endorsements and testimonials in advertising, let us make you aware of the following circumstances: The testimonials displayed are given verbatim except for correction of grammatical or typing errors. Some have been shortened meaning; not the whole message received by the testimony writer is displayed, when it seemed lengthy or not the whole text seemed relevant for the general public. These are testimonials actually received. They are individual experiences by persons who have used our services in some way or other. They are individual results and we do not claim that they are typical results that consumers will generally achieve.

The College makes no claims regarding starting salaries, graduate incomes or job availabilities for any position.  “This is not an implied or expressed claim of what all of our graduates earn. Individual results may vary and be higher or lower than these figures”.  The terms "current occupation" and "current income" as used below apply to the date each testimonial was provided by the graduate to the College and may or may not be their current occupation or income level at this time.  Also, the College assumes that in many cases the graduate is providing general figures or income levels rounded off for discussion purposes and the income levels reported, before or after College training, should not be interpreted as EXACT amounts earned monthly since many of the positions listed below, before or after CAM training, are commission based and total incomes could vary from month to month.

Stephanie Clark

Previous Occupation: Account Representative

Current Occupation: Finance Manager

“I was working in the sporting goods industry as an Account Representative when it came time for my cost of living raise. I was insulted at the amount and felt that this was no longer a sufficient means of income for me and my family. I happened to be building a fire in my fireplace when I looked down and saw a crumpled ad for The College of Automotive Management. I saw the ad and knew that this is what I wanted to do. I was pretty much already sold on the program before I called and was even more determined after I had spoken with my Career Counselor. I am proud to say that I now work as a Finance Manager and my life has changed tremendously. My income has more than tripled to over six figures a year and I was able to purchase a new car and a brand new house! I can relax now, knowing that I can supply for my daughters and I am able to afford to send them to the best schools so that they can receive a top notch education. Everything that I learned in the program I have applied. I know that I wouldn’t be where I am today without The College of Automotive Management. It was the best decision I have ever made in my life.”

Stephanie - Finance Manager

Hadassa Rivera

Previous Occupation: Movie Theatre Operations Manager

Current Occupation: Finance Manager

"My dealership already gave me a 50% increase on my commission within just a month after being on the job! They started me at a good commission structure and said that after I proved myself in the position after 6 months or so, they would raise it to the next level. That happened in 1 month! The College of Automotive Management gave me a great overall foundation in Finance and the operations of the dealership. I am really prepared to handle Special Finance, which is a big help at my dealership because we do a lot of deals that involve people with special credit needs. This isn't something that is taught at most dealerships. For someone that does not have any experience in the industry, The College of Automotive Management is the only way. I wanted to thank everyone at The College of Automotive Management for their encouragement and support, it has changed my life. I even made a few friends that I keep in touch with.

Hadassa - Finance Manager

Aisha Ruiz

Previous Occupation: Collections Agent

Current Occupation: Finance Director

“I was working for a collections company when they eliminated my position and I knew I had to make a career change. A friend informed me about The College of Automotive Management and I decided that this would be a great field to get into. After graduating I was presented with a lead for a tent sale and thought it would be good experience as I had never been in the car industry before. I was the only person in my class willing to accept the opportunity. The General Manager told me that he would never hire anyone into a Finance position without any experience. He was so impressed with my performance at the tent sale, that he informed me that he had a Finance Manager position open and would like me to take the position. This was after he told me that he would never hire anyone without any automotive experience. I had knocked his socks off as he would say to me. Within two months I had the highest gross profit average and shortly thereafter I doubled my per car average more than the department was doing before I had arrived. I was then promoted to Finance Director."

Aisha - Finance Director

Lauri Ellison

Previous Occupation: Territory Manager

Current Occupation: Finance Manager

"I just wanted to drop you guys a quick letter to let you know what has happened to me. I remember being one of those students who asked, “Why do I have to learn all of these formulas? After all this is the 21st Century and computers do all the calculating for us”. You all kept saying. “There will come a time when you can shine and show everyone how to do a deal by hand.” Ok, you were right! I just didn’t know how right you could be!!!! I came to work here at Foothill Ranch Buick Pontiac GMC as a Finance Manager, the ONLY Finance Manager at this store!! My first day on the job there was a construction crew at our parent dealership in Irvine that cut the internet and ADP line. That’s right gang NO COMPUTERS for over a week!!! I had to do deals by hand! Our parent store ran the bureaus for us and I worked up the payments and yes, everyone was very impressed. I just wanted to say thank you for everything. These people here actually believe I can do the job and you made me believe it too! CAM rocks!!"

Lauri - Finance Manager

Peter Mathieu

Previous Occupation: Broker

Current Occupation: Finance Manager

"When I graduated from The College of Automotive Management, I got a job within one week of graduation as a Finance Manager for the Number 1 Motorhome Dealership in Northern California. What makes it especially nice is that for the first time in 15 years, I am actually working in the town I live. It's real nice having only a ten minute commute to work. I've been with the company for 10 months now and the income is what I expected. In the last two months, I've made over $9,000 in each month. My best month so far was $11,500. What I took with me from The College of Automotive Management and still use every day is being legally compliant. With every contract signing (10 signatures) I still use the very same legal language I was taught. When the other Finance Managers have gotten themselves in some "hot water" over what was said, I am always confident that what I say in the Finance office is not only correct, but ethically and legally sound. For this reason, the GM of our dealership has expressed his gratitude that I am in his Finance office. He's told the owner and the sales managers that "with Peter in finance, I do not have to worry about anything. Deals are getting funded and there are never questions of him being legally compliant. The College of Automotive Management helped me prepare not only for the legalities of the job, but also the selling aspect of it."

Peter - Finance Manager

Mary D.

Previous Occupation: Financial Advisor

Current Occupation: Special Finance Manager “I love my new position as the Special Finance Manager. I am in charge of my own department. Everything I learned in class has played a huge part in my success; from desking deals, payment to income, debt to income, and analyzing credit reports. Everything we went over in class has come up in one way or another. I will say that the relationships that you build with your buyers are extremely important. It is amazing what your buyers will let you do if you just ask. I use Dealertrack to submit my applications and always submit the proper structure; it can make or break a deal! If I get an instant decline, I already know my guidelines well enough and pick up the phone and call my buyer to rehash. I stand strongly by the fact that if you believe in the products, you can sell them! I am extremely happy and couldn’t be more excited about what I am doing."

Mary - Special Finance Manager

Joan McGowen

Previous Occupation: Account Exec.

Current Occupation: Internet Director

"I want to take this opportunity to say, "Thank You" for providing me with AWESOME education. The education you have provided me, was short in days, but seemed like it was a life sentence when dealing with "Stop the Shopper," or the mock interview!!!!!! Honestly, I acquired years of knowledge that I cannot even begin to put into words! For everyone that is thinking or skeptical about attending The College of Automotive Management, I also, was very skeptical. Now, I am the Internet Director at Hartzheim Dodge for both their Hayward and San Jose locations. I will be for the ones coming up in the future as well. My goal is to bring our dealership to the Top in the Industry, and I know we will do it, because I first have God and the support of The College of Automotive Management, what I have learned and all the support that they provide. "

Joan - Internet Director

Mark Bates

Previous Occupation: Regional Sales Manager

Current Occupation: Finance Manager

"I wanted to thank you for preparing me for the position with an outstanding High-Line dealership. This is the type of position I was interested in from the start and the reason for my attending The College of Automotive Management.

Mark - Finance Manager

Kim Khovananth

Previous Occupation: Casino Manager

Current Occupation: Finance Manager

“I went through the school when I was 19 years old. I was very driven to succeed as I had already been working in a management position in the gaming/casino industry for over a year. I thought my age would be a hindrance for me as I was so much younger than everyone else. On my first interview I landed the Finance Manager position. I then became a sales manager. I’ve been the top producing manager in every store I’ve worked in. Last year, I was the top producing F&I manager out of a group of 14 in a large dealer group in Washington DC.

Kim - Finance Manager

Sean Greene

Previous Occupation: Waiter

Current Occupation: Finance Manager

“How my life has changed in just the last two months. Two months ago I didn’t have a driver’s license, wasn’t making more than $2,000 a month as a waiter and was going nowhere fast. I saw an ad in the local paper about training people for management positions within the lending and automotive industries. I knew I had to make something of my life, so I decided to call. I will never forget what I told my career counselor, I said that I was tired of being a screw up! She knew I was serious about changing my life so I signed up for the program. The entire staff at The College of Automotive Management was great and behind me all the way. They knew I was serious about studying hard, changing my life, and making a career for myself, not just another job. Before I had even graduated I received job leads from the Career Development Department and had interviews set. Within a week, I landed an F&I Manager position for a Lincoln Mercury. I love what I am doing and want to say that the College of Automotive Management and everyone there is great. I will always be grateful for the change this education has brought to my life."

Update: "I now work as a finance manager for a luxury dealership in Beverly Hills earning over $15,000 per month. I can't believe how much my life has changed in the last 2 years!”

Sean - Finance Manager

Lisa Phillips

Previous Occupation: Admissions Representative

Current Occupation: Finance Manager

“I was an admissions representative at a vocational school when I decided to change my life. I attended The College of Automotive Management, and am now a Finance Manager. I’m enjoying my new career!”

Lisa - Finance Manager

Fadi Nora

Previous Occupation: District Sales Manager for Insurance Company

Current Occupation: Finance Director

“Prior to graduating from The College of Automotive Management I had been working for an insurance company as a District Sales Manager and was also pursuing entrepreneurial endeavors as a Lead Marketing/Advertising/Financial Consultant for a privately owned business. I decided that The College of Automotive Management was a great way for me to segway into the financial side of the Automotive Industry, as I had received my Bachelor’s degree in Financial Planning. After I completed the course, I was hired on as a Finance Manager for a well known Chevrolet dealership in Orange County. I worked for this dealership for quite some time until I was presented with an opportunity to manage a store of my own. I set-up and ran the Finance/Sales and Internet departments. What was so unique about this opportunity is that we combined the Finance/Special Finance Department with the Internet department, so that when an Internet Lead comes in, you walk the client through the entire deal, which is going to become more of the norm for other dealerships as well. I am now the Managing Director for an independently owned and operated dealership and have been a major contributing factor in the dealership’s success and have hired other graduates of The College of Automotive Management in my finance department.”

Fadi - Finance Director

Sophia Perez

Previous Occupation: Office Manager

Current Occupation: Finance Manager

“I was an Office Manager at the College of Automotive Management and kept seeing people enroll in the school, graduate, and then get great-paying jobs. I knew that becoming an F&I Manager would greatly increase my income, so I enrolled in the school, too. Today I am a Finance Manager at a Kia dealership in LA and I enjoy my job.”

Sophia - Finance Manager

Jennifer Cox

Previous Occupation: Advertising Manager

Current Occupation: Hybrid Sales/Finance Manager

"I was an advertising manager prior to attending The College of Automotive Management. I thought I wanted to be in management and did not want to 'sell" cars until I graduated from The College of Automotive Management and learned what my opportunities really were. Now I handle the entire transaction myself including the sales, financing and DMV documents for all of my sales and I have complete control with my customer's buying experience. My income has almost doubled and I really love my new career."

Jennifer - Hybrid Sales/Finance Manager

Brandie Colebrooke

Previous Occupation: Retail Sales Clerk

Current Occupation: Finance Manager

“I would not be where I am today if it wasn’t for The College of Automotive Management. The education and training provided by The College of Automotive Management has given me the confidence and preparation I needed in order for me to gain employment in a new industry in which I had no prior experience. I interviewed with a dealership that was very familiar with The College of Automotive Management which made my job so much easier because I didn’t have to try and sell the benefits of my education. I am the Finance Manager for a Volvo dealership in San Diego County and what a difference this has made. My income combined with my husband’s recent promotion has given us the opportunity to not only pay off all of our debts but to start saving to buy a home within the next two years. This is something that we had always dreamed of but just really didn’t believe that could happen.”

Brandie - Finance Manager

Bassily Amged

Previous Occupation: Hospitality Manager

Current Occupation: Finance Manager

“After working in the hospitality industry before attending The College of Automotive Management, I was ready for a change. My enthusiasm and can do attitude landed me a F&I Manager position for a Motorsports Dealership in Los Angeles. I was hired immediately without having any experience in the Finance industry.”

Bassily - Finance Manager

Ken Zaher

Previous Occupation: Computer Programmer

Current Occupation: Finance Manager

“I was a computer programmer for General Electric and was only making $45,000 per year. I started to see the difference more income made in my friend’s lives as they were driving nice cars and taking off to different locations for vacations and I was still where I was at, making the same amount of money that I had made the year prior and so forth. A friend of mine was working as a Finance Manager in the Automotive Industry making over $275,000 a year and I thought, if this guy is making that amount of money why can’t I? And that’s how it all started for me. I walked away from The College of Automotive Management and took a position as an F&I Manager on the day I graduated! The dealership hired me on the spot and now I am making an average of $18,000 a month! I now have only 18 months left to pay off my house. The changes that have happened in my life and career are unfathomable. I go to work and I am content with how my life has turned out.”

Ken - Finance Manager

Susan Roca

Previous Occupation: Office Assistant

Current Occupation: Finance Manager

“I worked at an Automotive Business Office for 11 years, and while I enjoyed my work, I knew I was capable of handling greater responsibility. It was a tough decision to invest in my education, but one that I needed to do to improve my life and secure a better future for my family. I was earning $2,700 at my old job, and wanted to be able to provide a top-notch education for my children. I am doing that now. I was hired a couple of weeks after graduation by a Finance Director who was also a College of Automotive Management graduate. Today, as a Finance Manager at a Honda store, I am earning as much as $11,500 per month and do not have to rely on anyone to take care of my family.”

Susan - F&I Manager

Frank Rodriguez

Previous Occupation: Collections Agent

Current Occupation: Finance Manager “Every time I share my story I can’t help but get a little choked up. To go from making less than $22,000 a year and having to move my family back home to live with my mother was how my life was before coming through The College of Automotive Management. I am now a Finance Manager and make over $100,000 per year and the idea of it all still astounds me. And to think I was so dead set against even coming here. A fishing trip with a couple of alumni from The College of Automotive Management ended up convincing me that it would be a great way for me to provide for my family. I am making more money than I expected to see in my lifetime and I never even had to sell a car. I am so happy that I can’t even express in words how much this has affected my life. I did something that made me so afraid, I jumped in with both feet and never looked back.”

Frank - Finance Manager

Megan Robles

Previous Occupation: Medical Assistant

Current Occupation: Finance Manger

“I have spent years looking for a career that would bring me the financial success that I wanted for my family and me. For over 10 years I worked as a medical billing assistant and collector and have spent most of my life helping others obtain that success while I took the back seat and watched it all happen. I knew that I wanted something better I just didn’t know what. I came across an ad for The College of Automotive Management while I was searching through an employment magazine. What instantly grabbed my attention was not only were the programs incredibly short but the average earnings of a full time Finance Manager were above and beyond what I had ever seen before. I decided to take a chance and made an appointment to visit The College of Automotive Management. After meeting the staff and hearing of all of the successes of past alumni, I was hooked. My experiences with The College of Automotive Management were nothing that I could have anticipated. The instructors were so helpful with any questions I had and gave me the one on one teaching that I needed. A previous graduate of The College of Automotive Management had recently been promoted to General Manager and needed a Finance Manager for one of his stores. I had no Finance experience let alone any automotive experience and was hesitant as to why they would hire me at such a high position. Not only did the dealership believe in The College of Automotive Management but they had such success with the College’s alumni that they wouldn’t believe in hiring anyone else. I interviewed for the position and am now the Finance Manager.

I am so blessed to have found The College of Automotive Management as they have helped me achieve my dreams and goals. I will always be thankful to the school. I highly commend The College of Automotive Management. The school has impacted my life is such a big way I just wanted a chance to show others how much my life has changed.”

Megan Robles - Finance Manager

Todd Conaway

Previous Occupation: Photographer

Current Occupation: Finance Manager

“My life has changed so drastically after graduating from The College of Automotive Management. I went from working as a Photographer and Sales Associate for a camera/video store to now making over $16,000 a month as an F&I Manager for a RV dealership. I work out in the desert and commute back to my brand new house I just purchased in Orange County. Life is great! The RV season is coming soon and that’s when business will pick up even more. I have already been able to do a great deal for my mom and am so thankful that I have chosen this industry. I am hopeful that The College of Automotive Management will open another branch so that I can come and be an instructor, to share with others the great opportunity that has been bestowed upon me.”

Todd - Finance Manager

Connie Valahurst

Previous Occupation: Travel Agent

Current Occupation: Finance Manager

“I was in the travel business for years but due to the recent events in New York and the affect these events had on the travel industry, I decided it was time to change careers. After much homework and calls to several previous graduates of The College of Automotive Management, I decided to attend the program to become an F&I Manager. I went on several interviews right after graduating and landed a job at a great Honda dealer right next to my home. I did everything they said was possible - with no experience! The level of their support was unexpected and I know they care about my future. It was the right decision for me. In this business, who you know is as important as what you know. I suggest everyone serious about F&I get to know the staff at The College of Automotive Management."

Connie - Finance Manager

Anthony Parry

Previous Occupation: Grocery Store Clerk

Current Occupation: Finance Manager "After working for a number of years for a small grocery company I found myself on disability with a back injury and unable to work. After my operation I realized I couldn’t go back to my job because of all the lifting involved. I knew I would have to find a career that wasn’t so physically demanding. I am a car nut and had always thought about working in the automotive industry but didn’t know much about it. I found out about the College of Automotive where I learned information about positions and income in the industry I never knew about. I made the decision that I wanted to be a Finance & Insurance Manager. After attending the College I immediately was offered a position in Finance with a major RV dealer in San Diego – with no experience! I love what I do and am excited to go to work everyday. My life has totally changed

Anthony - Finance Manager

Dave Gorman

Previous Occupation: Corporate Sales Representative

Current Occupation: Finance Director

“I had worked for a Uniform Rental Co. when I found myself on disability. A friend of mine used to own a dealership. I asked him if he had any suggestions. He said, "You've got to go into finance." He told me that it would be hard, but after a bit of research, I found The College of Automotive Management. They were great. I sold cars for two weeks and went right into finance. It was the best decision that I have ever made.”

Dave - Finance Director

Marvin Diwa

Previous Occupation: Police Officer

Current Occupation: Finance Manager

“I have been a police officer most of my life. When I became injured on the job I could no longer perform my duties and needed to make a change. I was interested in The College of Automotive Management due to the average incomes that people in management capacities were making. I was a little apprehensive about jumping into an industry that I didn’t have any experience with but the idea that I would be able to be making great money overtook my skepticism. I am the new Finance Manager where I will be training with the other Finance Manager until I get my feet wet.”

Marvin D. - Finance Manager

James Gleason

Previous Occupation: Sales and Marketing

Current Occupation: F&I Manager

I was in sales and marketing for 8 years before attending The College of Automotive Management. I have a Masters Degree and was earning over $80,000 a year. My wife and I wanted more income to help support our family and we decided that attending The College of Automotive Management would give me a head start in the lucrative automobile industry.

I really wanted to go straight to work in F&I and skip over sales. I now am a Finance Manger at Santa Monica BMW! I have a base salary and I also earn commission on products and services that I sell in F&I. I sold products in my first transaction and have kept going from there. I know how to deal with lease customers, who make up a large portion of highline customers, as well as finance and cash buyers. The owner of the store has been impressed with my performance so far and even made a point to compliment me on my ability to sell products. I will be forever grateful to The College of Automotive Management for the education and confidence.“

James - F&I Manager

Belnadin Hormozi

Previous Occupation: Receptionist

Current Occupation: Finance Manager

"I was working for Galpin Ford as the Receptionist. After a few months, I asked the Finance Director how I could move into the Finance Department. He told me that if I wanted a career that I should get trained at The College of Automotive Management. I took it upon myself to enroll and graduate. I went back to Galpin Ford as their Finance Assistant. Within four or five months, I was promoted to Finance Manager. My income has grown significantly."

Bel – Finance Manager

Lloyd Andersen Jr.

Previous Occupation: Steel Factory Worker

Current Occupation: Sales Manager

“Prior to attending The College of Automotive Management I worked as a Collector and the swing shift in a steel mill. After training with The College of Automotive Management I moved to Nevada to be closer to my wife’s family. I wanted to work in a successful store so I started in Sales at one of the largest Dodge dealerships in the state. I was not the top Sales Representative but I was consistent. I was making three times the amount of money than with my previous occupations. A little after six months I was promoted to Finance Manager where I was number one in my department, I attribute this to my education and training from The College of Automotive Management because of my ability to structure deals and understand each bank’s loan program. I was then promoted to General Sales Manager where I train and oversee all of the Desk Managers at a store that sells over 700 units a month. My wife and I live in a $1,000,000 house and have a great life.”

Lloyd Jr. – General Sales Manager

Scott Lund

Previous Occupation: Service Technician

Current Occupation: Finance Manager

“As a Sears service technician who incurred an injury at work; I wanted to continue my career. I was hired the day before I graduated from the College of Automotive Management as a Finance Writer at Riverside Mitsubishi, and was promoted to Finance Director in a very short time. Several years and a management change later, I moved to Ontario Mitsubishi.”

Scott - Finance Manager


Dealer Testimonials

 “We continue to hire graduates of the College of Automotive Management. They possess a wealth of knowledge in our field and know the value of maintaining outstanding CSI..”

Galpin Motors
Bert Boeckmann, Owner/President

“Graduates of The College of Automotive Management have invested in their own future. By investing their time and money, they have demonstrated that they are committed to a career in the automotive industry.   For someone willing to commit to their career, we are willing to commit to them if they demonstrate the ability and desire to succeed. We believe these types of candidates will have great opportunity for promotion and career success within our dealer group.”     

Norm Reeves Honda
Dan K. - General Manager/Partner

“We prefer College of Automotive Management trained employees because we believe in ethics and professionalism. If someone comes to me for a career in this business, I recommend they go to the College first as I believe that training is an essential ingredient to long term success and the College is a leader in sales and F&I Training.”    

Singh Chevrolet and Corona Chevrolet
Dalip S. – Owner

“These individuals have invested in their career, and have chosen a defined career path. Someone who invests in their career not just for the financial rewards, which are secondary, but who are passionate and into the business for the business itself will do well in my opinion.   Graduates of The College of Automotive Management demonstrate that they have a passion for the automotive industry; otherwise, they would not have made the financial investment. This is the type of candidate I am seeking to be future leaders and managers.”                                            

Walters Mercedes Benz
Steve K. - Owner/General Manager

“I absolutely want to hire graduates of the College of Automotive Management due to the extensive training and curriculum they receive at The College. I have found their commitment level to be much higher, they are not ‘fly-by-night’ candidates, but invested into their career. The College trains them well, and they are participating actively in their profession.   I am a graduate myself and have one of my Finance Managers going through The College right now to increase his success level. I only want to hire and promote Finance Managers who have been trained by the College of Automotive Management.”  

Shaver Pontiac Jeep
Andy S. - General Manager

“I would prefer to employ graduates of The College of Automotive Management.  They are self-motivated individuals.  That is the best type of candidate to succeed in this industry. Anyone willing to invest their own time and money in this business is one of the key indicators that this person wants to have a career and not just a job.  Career-oriented individuals are better suited to succeed in the automotive industry, or any industry for that matter.   In the Finance department, I only want graduates of The College because they are Ethics certified, trained in legal compliance, full disclosure, top selling skills, and maximizing CSI. We strongly support promotion from within.” 

Toyota of San Juan Capistrano
Jin K. - General Manager

“I want someone who is committed and already trained to succeed.  Graduates of The College invest in their own education and learn the skills that we want them to have, this is a great foundation for the type of employee we are seeking. They invest their time and money to increase their knowledge and aptitude, proving their commitment level and their abilities are tested continuously during training.   I want College of Automotive Graduates for all our Sales, Finance, and Management staff.”

Pacific Audi
Chris P. - General Sales Manager

“I prefer to hire graduates of The College of Automotive Management for many reasons, most importantly because of the commitment they put toward building a career - It shows their passion for success in the industry.  When I talk about the commitment of these grads in our manager meetings, even managers in other departments are impressed because they recognize the level of commitment that sets these people apart from the pack.”            

Allen Cadillac/GMC
Cliff A. – Owner

"As a graduate of the College myself, I prefer that all of my salespeople and F&I Managers also attend the College and utilize the vehicle sales and F&I product sales processes that are taught in the curriculum.  I have been a first hand witness to the effectiveness of those sales processes to not only dramatically increase the overall profit per transaction, but also to produce customers that are happy with their experience and fully understand every aspect of their purchase, because the processes are “right by all parties”.  I offer tuition reimbursement to anyone working for me who is willing to invest in themselves and pursue excellence in this industry. "

O’Donnell Chevrolet
Alex A. - Dealer Principal

“I prefer graduates of The College of Automotive Management because they invest in their own education and spend time preparing for their career, which I believe will make them more successful. Those are the type of people I want in our Family. In fact, I offer a 5% increase in pay plan for experienced Sales Professionals. I offer the same increase to graduates of The College of Automotive Management because of the skills they receive from the College. In the Finance Department,  I would prefer to only hire or promote graduates of The College who are ethical and have received professional F&I training. One of my Finance Managers is a graduate of The College and I hope to promote or hire more.”    

Family Nissan
James S. - General Manager