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Since 1992, the College of Automotive Management has been dedicated to teaching auto dealership personnel the benefits of legal compliance and ethical behavior. To further these objectives, we have sought out and added the nation's leading automotive compliance experts to our executive team with the goal of delivering the most comprehensive compliance solutions in the industry. Compliance Team Leadership




The ultimate solution for ensuring a culture of compliance and ethical behavior in your dealership. Besides protecting the organization, your customers will benefit from a better overall buying experience - resulting in increased sales, customer satisfaction, and profitability.




We have an unrelenting commitment to help dealerships and each of their employees to be successful through legal and ethical business practices. We recognize that daily circumstances give rise to questions as to what are the proper compliant actions to take.




Advertising compliance is perhaps the most substantial legal challenge that dealerships face today. Our compliance team assists dealers and their advertising agencies by conducting full evaluations of advertisements, websites, and social media for compliance with federal and state regulations.



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Training Testimonials

"Glad I spent the time going through the legal compliance training. It will help our opertation with all the sales staff getting this valuable knowledge. This is great stuff that I'm glad the owners, Bill and Niki, decided all sales staff will be required to learn if they want to work for the company."

Russell Wong, CFO, Aloha Auto Group, Hawaii

“This compliance training has been the most valuable part of this course to date. I consider myself a person with high ethics, but to know and understand that even if I do things the right and correct way in the court of law I am still liable if a customer feels deceived. It is an eye-opener to ensure that I am very clear and concise with consumers of what we are offering and that consumers understand that prior to moving forward. It is good to have available the federal auto dealer regulations at my fingertips. I will be studying these along with the remainder of the course. I have been in the auto industry for many years but, most of these laws and most of this information have not been provided in the past. Knowing the laws and showing my employer that I am aware of what is expected of me in the court of law will make me a more valuable employee. I know that after this course I will absolutely be more confident in the decisions that I make in the finance office and being confident in what is lawful and unlawful will show to my employer.”

Angela G., OH

"Completing this course has made me valuable to my employer as I am more aware of elements and situations that could end up costing our company fines and even worst, in my opinion, an employee his or her job. I make sure all Finance doors are locked and secure when I leave the office as a lot of personal information is just sitting on our desks and readily available to whomever may walk by. I make sure the salesman desks are clean of customer information in their areas. I will make sure I disclose everything in finance, from the cost of all products and stress that they are optional and not contingent on bank approval of a loan. It is very important to build strong relationships with customers so they have trust in my abilities. A strong relationship will also make it where the customer feels comfortable approaching me before taking any legal action if they feel something was not disclosed. This gives me the opportunity to make it right before the customer takes any legal action."

Mike M., HI

"I feel the road to success in any business is to deal with your clients with integrity and the correct knowledge at all times. The amount of information and specific areas covered provided thru the training of the College of Automotive Management is invaluable. Also having the ability to reference the many aspects of compliance quickly is extremely helpful. Any dealership that is not conducting business today with the customer's needs and wants as a number one priority is operating in the dark ages. The "love your customer first" mentality will help insure both immediate and future success in the marketplace for a dealer. It allows the dealership to establish long term relationships with their customer base."

Mike L., OR

"There is a lot of great information in this course. It was amazing how many things popped into my mind that I have seen at dealerships I worked for that would not be compliant, even things I still see now. With the way the consumer is looking for ways to file lawsuits, I believe this training is needed. In most dealership settings only a few people would be trained on this information, where the whole store needs it to be on the same page."

Robert M., ND

"The legal compliance training provided by the College of Automotive Management has and will continue to help me as I continue with this new career path in the car industry in many ways. Being that I am a green pea in this business, there are many things that I have yet to learn. Sometimes as a car salesman, I will be faced with the shady ethics that dealerships have infamously been known for. In the gray world of car sales, the legal compliance training will help me see things more black and white and will not only help me do the right thing, but also keep me out of trouble with the law. This will make me much more valuable to my employer because I can now be more independent in decision making regarding compliance with the law. And as long as I remember one of the first rules in this training, "do what is right by all parties" my moral compass will always point me in the right direction, which will help build my relationships with my customers and establish trust with everyone I deal with."

Thomas B., CA