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The College of Automotive Management

Graduates of the College of Automotive Management have distinct advantages. They are promoted faster. They are top performers. They earn higher income than their peers. And they are happier employees because they enjoy their work.




Take Control of Your Own Personal Advancement & Income Development

Affordable & Convenient So All Qualified Applicants Can Attend

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Train Entire Departments to Work Together Towards the Dealer's Objectives

8 Objectives the College Can Help Dealers Achieve With Automotive Career Training (ACT), Coaching and Monitoring:

  • Fully document a Culture of Legal Compliance to protect the dealer and employees
  • Promote a culture of ethics & elevate the Dealer's and employees' reputations in the community
  • Achieve higher closing ratios and profits per sale on existing traffic with stronger relationships between customers and employees
  • Improve the Return on Investment (ROI) of all ad dollars through better lead management
  • Achieve a faster streamlined buying process and more profitable desking/F&I process
  • Increase F&I product sales and profits per unit by eliminating the top 13 F&I profit leaks common to all dealerships
  • Achieve 100% CSI with all customers in writing before they leave the dealership and collect more 5 star web ratings
  • Reduce turnover, retain key employees and attract top talent

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 “We continue to hire graduates of the College of Automotive Management. They possess a wealth of knowledge in our field and know the value of maintaining outstanding CSI..”

Galpin Motors
Bert Boeckmann, Owner/President

News & Reviews

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10/1/14 - All Lines Dealer Services Selects College of Automotive Management as Exclusive Training Partner View Press Release

9/19/14 - Moe Elfiqir Achieves a TRIPLE MASTERS at the College of Automotive Management! View Press Release

9/6/14 - Westland Associates, Inc. Chooses The College of Automotive Management to Help Dealerships Achieve Higher Profits and CSI Scores Through Higher Education View Press Release 

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Dealer Testimonials

 “We continue to hire graduates of the College of Automotive Management. They possess a wealth of knowledge in our field and know the value of maintaining outstanding CSI..”

Galpin Motors
Bert Boeckmann, Owner/President

“Graduates of The College of Automotive Management have invested in their own future. By investing their time and money, they have demonstrated that they are committed to a career in the automotive industry.   For someone willing to commit to their career, we are willing to commit to them if they demonstrate the ability and desire to succeed. We believe these types of candidates will have great opportunity for promotion and career success within our dealer group.”     

Norm Reeves Honda
Dan K. - General Manager/Partner

“We prefer College of Automotive Management trained employees because we believe in ethics and professionalism. If someone comes to me for a career in this business, I recommend they go to the College first as I believe that training is an essential ingredient to long term success and the College is a leader in sales and F&I Training.”    

Singh Chevrolet and Corona Chevrolet
Dalip S. – Owner

“These individuals have invested in their career, and have chosen a defined career path. Someone who invests in their career not just for the financial rewards, which are secondary, but who are passionate and into the business for the business itself will do well in my opinion.   Graduates of The College of Automotive Management demonstrate that they have a passion for the automotive industry; otherwise, they would not have made the financial investment. This is the type of candidate I am seeking to be future leaders and managers.”                                            

Walters Mercedes Benz
Steve K. - Owner/General Manager

“I absolutely want to hire graduates of the College of Automotive Management due to the extensive training and curriculum they receive at The College. I have found their commitment level to be much higher, they are not ‘fly-by-night’ candidates, but invested into their career. The College trains them well, and they are participating actively in their profession.   I am a graduate myself and have one of my Finance Managers going through The College right now to increase his success level. I only want to hire and promote Finance Managers who have been trained by the College of Automotive Management.”  

Shaver Pontiac Jeep
Andy S. - General Manager

“I would prefer to employ graduates of The College of Automotive Management.  They are self-motivated individuals.  That is the best type of candidate to succeed in this industry. Anyone willing to invest their own time and money in this business is one of the key indicators that this person wants to have a career and not just a job.  Career-oriented individuals are better suited to succeed in the automotive industry, or any industry for that matter.   In the Finance department, I only want graduates of The College because they are Ethics certified, trained in legal compliance, full disclosure, top selling skills, and maximizing CSI. We strongly support promotion from within.” 

Toyota of San Juan Capistrano
Jin K. - General Manager

“I want someone who is committed and already trained to succeed.  Graduates of The College invest in their own education and learn the skills that we want them to have, this is a great foundation for the type of employee we are seeking. They invest their time and money to increase their knowledge and aptitude, proving their commitment level and their abilities are tested continuously during training.   I want College of Automotive Graduates for all our Sales, Finance, and Management staff.”

Pacific Audi
Chris P. - General Sales Manager

“I prefer to hire graduates of The College of Automotive Management for many reasons, most importantly because of the commitment they put toward building a career - It shows their passion for success in the industry.  When I talk about the commitment of these grads in our manager meetings, even managers in other departments are impressed because they recognize the level of commitment that sets these people apart from the pack.”            

Allen Cadillac/GMC
Cliff A. – Owner

"As a graduate of the College myself, I prefer that all of my salespeople and F&I Managers also attend the College and utilize the vehicle sales and F&I product sales processes that are taught in the curriculum.  I have been a first hand witness to the effectiveness of those sales processes to not only dramatically increase the overall profit per transaction, but also to produce customers that are happy with their experience and fully understand every aspect of their purchase, because the processes are “right by all parties”.  I offer tuition reimbursement to anyone working for me who is willing to invest in themselves and pursue excellence in this industry. "

O’Donnell Chevrolet
Alex A. - Dealer Principal

“I prefer graduates of The College of Automotive Management because they invest in their own education and spend time preparing for their career, which I believe will make them more successful. Those are the type of people I want in our Family. In fact, I offer a 5% increase in pay plan for experienced Sales Professionals. I offer the same increase to graduates of The College of Automotive Management because of the skills they receive from the College. In the Finance Department,  I would prefer to only hire or promote graduates of The College who are ethical and have received professional F&I training. One of my Finance Managers is a graduate of The College and I hope to promote or hire more.”    

Family Nissan
James S. - General Manager



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