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The College of Automotive Management

Graduates of the College of Automotive Management have distinct advantages. They are promoted faster. They are top performers. They earn higher income than their peers. And they are happier employees because they enjoy their work.




Take Control of Your Own Personal Advancement & Income Development

Affordable & Convenient So All Qualified Applicants Can Attend

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Train Entire Departments to Work Together Towards the Dealer's Objectives

8 Objectives the College Can Help Dealers Achieve With Automotive Career Training (ACT), Coaching and Monitoring:

  • Fully document a Culture of Legal Compliance to protect the dealer and employees
  • Promote a culture of ethics & elevate the Dealer's and employees' reputations in the community
  • Achieve higher closing ratios and profits per sale on existing traffic with stronger relationships between customers and employees
  • Improve the Return on Investment (ROI) of all ad dollars through better lead management
  • Achieve a faster streamlined buying process and more profitable desking/F&I process
  • Increase F&I product sales and profits per unit by eliminating the top 13 F&I profit leaks common to all dealerships
  • Achieve 100% CSI with all customers in writing before they leave the dealership and collect more 5 star web ratings
  • Reduce turnover, retain key employees and attract top talent

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 “We continue to hire graduates of the College of Automotive Management. They possess a wealth of knowledge in our field and know the value of maintaining outstanding CSI..”

Galpin Motors
Bert Boeckmann, Owner/President

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